Our Mission

Our mission is to help educate the future. We believe that education is a basic human right. It is the foundation of knowledge. Every child in every nation deserves an opportunity and equal access to quality education. This is our premise and we strive to achieve this through financial support, value education and empowering workshops. We encourage children from disadvantaged backgrounds to keep dreaming. We hope to be a stepping stone for them to realize their goals. We also aim to foster a community of young individuals that are one day able to give back to their own communities, sparking a chain reaction of learning and paying forward thus propelling our society to a new equilibrium of more well rounded citizens. Let us unite. Let us let them Go Dream!

Our Manifesto

We are not a Sri Lankan organization, we are part of the Earth community. We strive to create a global impact. That's right, we're audacious!

We want to transform the lives of those we touch into the best versions of themselves. This includes the children, but also our volunteers and members. We want the time and skills you invest in Go DREAM Initiative to help transform your lives for the better.

We shatter glass ceilings, myths, falsehoods about education and learning. We strive to teach 'how to learn' and emphasize the importance of personal growth.

We endeavour to ignite an obsession of giving back and helping fellow Earth citizens. We hope to teach this via value education programs.

We believe in dreams and bending reality to achieve them. ‘Impossible is Nothing’ is the lifestyle and ‘Never Give Up’ is the creed. We believe in the power of imagination and intuition.

Maharagama Apeksha Cancer Hospital | Project Compass Workshop

Visualization Exercise | Project Andromeda - Goal Setting Workshop

Sensory Board | Project Ink Pots and Building Blocks


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