Our Founder, Rozaine Wijekularatne is a dreamer, creator and doer. Her passion for learning fuelled Go DREAM Initiative, a mission to educate the future in Sri Lanka and encourage children to pursue their dreams. Rozaine is a multifaceted individual with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University, USA, currently pursuing a PhD in the field of GNSS reflectometry (a method of Remote Sensing). In her words:

I found that the symbol ‘B+’ could mean quite a few different things, depending on one’s vantage point. It could be a more than average grade, a rare blood type or an uplifting quote. However, I ‘chose’ to see it as a phrase of motivation. In this moment I realized that how I chose to look at it gave me strength to persevere. I also realized that I wanted to share this experience with others around me, to show them how to choose to see things in a way that will help them move forward in life. That, together with a deep desire to give back to society, gave birth to Go DREAM Initiative; a movement where a belief of ‘Impossible is Nothing’ is the lifestyle and ‘Never Give Up’ is the creed.
This is also a byproduct, I must say, from my own journey of life, a dream to explore the star lit universe. A dream that would have died if I didn’t keep it alive; an idea that clung to my soul with such force that it propelled me to where I am today.
The words say it all, “Go DREAM!” Dream of a future so bright, and ‘chose’ to see a path of making it happen! I want to instill this seed in children, to kindle a light in their hearts that will guide them to live their lives to the fullest; To help them understand that dedication and resilience will be rewarded someday, and also to pass on the message of 'paying it forward'.