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We’ve been busy developing new projects to be carried out during this year and throughout 2018.

Project Rudolph will be carried out once again where we will host a Christmas related event for children. The would encompass carrying out Christmas related activities like caroling, and a motivational talk about the importance of education. Each child will also receive a Christmas gift having educational or motivational value. Gifts may include school supplies, reading material, items of encouragement or educational and learning toys such as puzzles, flash cards and science kits.

Currently, we are working hard on Project Ink Pots and Building Blocks, which is being realized at the Sethsarana Skills Development Center in Malamulla, Panadura. This effort aims to assist groups of students in disadvantaged situations who are in need of educational and scholarly material.

Project Merlin was shaped and pruned and we plan to phase it out in 2018. This is a scholarship program that will fund an aspiring and talented O/L or A/L student for one year. Along with the financial aid, this program will also focus on providing skills development and mentorship.

Following Project Rudolph at the Cancer hospital, we have been thinking of ways to go back and spend time with the lovely kiddos. We decided to experiment with a workshop series, Project Compass, to encourage them to keep learning.  We hope to continue this during 2018 as well.

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