We’ve started off 2017 with a bang! Project Rudolph was a huge success at the Cancer Hospital in Maharagama. 

We were a group of over 15 volunteers and together we managed to pull off a great project. The day started out with a motivational presentation about achieving  dreams and facing challenges in life. This was an interactive session where the audience could participate by answering questions.

Next on our schedule was a carol and song session. We performed a medley of Christmas carols (as the project was initially planned for December) and some Sinhala songs. Our choir of young, old and bold did quite a good job, I must say!

The real fun, however, began when we introduced the kids to some interesting  activities; It didn’t take much time for their enthusiasm to pour out! For this part, we relied on some Minute To Win It games and the children just loved them <3 However, each activity was carefully selected to develop and exercise certain skills while keeping the difficulty level suitable across all age groups.

The synergy between our volunteers and the kids was stellar. There was much joy and excitement flowing between everyone, that for a moment, I forgot where I was. 

Following the games, we passed out activity books tailored to encourage thoughts about prospective goals. While there were exercises of reflection to start them thinking about their future, the book included many puzzles as well. During our session, they completed the first page which included drawing a portrait of themselves and pasting inspirational stickers.

Srikath has an immense talent for drawing and didn’t mind showing us his skills. He also told me that he’d love it if we came back and did more events like this.

At the end, we handed out the gifts along with the personalized Go DREAM mugs.  We also left them some homework to complete (submit an entry to the first Go DREAM Creative Expression competition) until we go back again so that their thoughts stay engaged about the future.

Of course, this event wouldn’t have been possible without your contributions to our Christmas Fundraiser. I hope that all of you will continue to support us, so that we could carry out more projects like this in the future, and continue to make an impact on these kids’ lives.

That said, we have a couple of projects lined up for the next few months. Currently, we are working hard on Project Merlin which is a scholarship program that will fund an aspiring and talented O/L or A/L student for one year. Along with the financial aid, this program also focuses on skills development and mentorship. Papyrus, on the other hand aims to assist groups of students in disadvantaged situations who are in need of educational material. We’ll keep you updated about the progress of these projects as we carry them out.

Thank you for reading!

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