Yesterday was an important day for all of us at Go DREAM. As mentioned in our previous post, we hosted our premiere event at Clarendron Children’s home in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka. Even though the weather was dreary with grayish clouds and rain, the smiles that greeted us shone brighter than the Sun. There were eighteen girls from the age of 8 to 20 who welcomed us into their humble abode. 

After introducing ourselves to them, I briefed them about the mission of our organization and why I was keen on establishing it. We then played many games including pictionary, pass the pillow and paper dancing.

The girls really enjoyed participating in these games and were eager to win. They even didn’t mind having to dance to iPhone music as we couldn’t plug in our radio.  

After much fun, it was time for a snack since all of us were tired. While they munched on chinese rolls and sandwiches, we took the opportunity to sit down with them and get to know them a little. We inquired about their future dreams and were delighted with their response.  Joining the Navy,  becoming an air stewardess and becoming a history teacher were a few responses we received! We encouraged them to keep dreaming and to be determined to go forward and  achieve their dream.

We then distributed the Christmas gifts among them which included many essential school supplies. We also gave them a set of Sinhala story books which they were thrilled to receive. We concluded the session by saying a prayer of thanks to the Lord above, singing Sinhala Christmas hymns and wishing all of them a very Happy New Year and a  wonderful school year!

What we wanted to do was plant a seed, a seed of hope; A feeling that they too could become whatever they dream to be if they stay focused. Hopefully, we were able to lay the foundation for this and now we can build on this in the future to help them become the amazing women they dream to be! 

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