In the year 2017, with a primary focus on the education of children battling from Cancer, the Go Dream initiative conducted a series of educational workshops at Maharagama Cancer Hospital named ‘Project Compass’. This was a project to aid kids to keep pursuing their dreams. Our aim for these workshops was to improve the kid’s writing and reading skills according to their needs. We also strived to motivate them by carrying out special tailored activities and crafts. This project was also to give hope and education about the positive aspects of curing cancer to those parents who would sit hour after hour by their child, helpless, wishing to see their son or daughter cancer-free and perhaps have a better life than they did. There were approximately 15 children participating in our workshop, where the team shared their time to make them feel good and worked to widen their support network. We wanted to bring a smile to the little faces and to improve their life with a special gift of education which included identifying the provinces, learning the colours of the rainbow, writing letter A and B, playing a mind game with flash cards and exploring their reading abilities. The outcome of ‘Project Compass’ is the change we all need to see in the fight against cancer tomorrow. We would like to continue ‘Project Compass’ in the near future with your support and to bring a ray of comfort and joy into the lives of these children fighting cancer.

Why Project Compass?

Usually, a compass points in four directions; North, South, East and West, harkening back to travelers traversing the stormy adventures from a long journey. The compass is also a symbol of guidance having the ability to point you in the right direction. Thereby, ‘Project Compass’ is an effort to evoke an important part of the education system to the children. We intend to assist the learning skills of students in an effective manner and to make them gain skills or competencies in some important areas such as education, mental health and career domains by being a compass that directs them in the right path.