Merlin aims to provide financial support for school children who display academic excellence or skills aptitude to continue their secondary/higher level education. This is realized by means of scholarships recognizing academic success or skills aptitude.

A scholarship can make a big difference in child’s life. Having a scholarship that helps pay school tuition and related expenses reduces the risk of disadvantaged children dropping out of school. Further to that, obtaining a merit-based scholarship makes a student a more desirable candidate for a job. The focus of this project is to help students achieve academic success but also to provide motivation to further pursue their dreams.


  • To aid talented students with financial hardships complete high school/ college level education.
  • To provide mentorship and career guidance.
  • To foster a spirit of community service and giving back.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” - Nelson Mandela

‘Spread Your Wings’  Collegiate Scholarship

The  following  scholarship  will aid O/L or A/L students  who display academic excellence  but are experiencing financial difficulties. This scholarship program will cover the necessary school fees, school supplies and other approved costs of the student for one year. We hope that this will give rise to a better environment for them to achieve academic success.

Duration: One academic year

Awarded amount: Up to Rs. 25,000 per recipient per academic year (For 2021)

Scholarship will cover: School fees / School activity related costs ( eg. concert, field trips, membership fees, etc.) School supplies : stationary / textbooks / uniforms and related costs/ Tuition fees


  • Must be a Sri Lankan Citizen.
  • Must be enrolled in an O/L or A/L program at the participating school.
  • Must already possess a good academic standing and report at current and previous academic institutions.
  • Must demonstrate financial need.
  • Must  plan to  complete at  least one academic  year at school at the  time the scholarship is awarded. If not, scholarship will be revoked.
  • Other  criteria  - academic  excellence and  intellectual passion,  great distinction in leadership activities, teamwork, global citizenship, entrepreneurial spirit, mentoring and community service, networking


  • Academic Success: The student must maintain a set average (>70) and retain an attendance of (70%) during all school terms.
  • Personal  Growth: The  student  must meet  with a Go DREAM  official once/twice  a term to discuss progress  with school work. These meetings  may also serve as mentor-mentee discussions.
  • Leadership:  The  student  must join  a school club  or organization of  his/her choice and must serve as a member or official for the period of the scholarship. (9-12 service hours per academic year)
  • Community Service: Must attend at least one Go DREAM Initiative event.
  • Professional Growth: Carry out a research project in chosen area of interest. GDI will try their level best to find a short term internship in a Company related to the student’s field of interest during the period of the scholarship. During the period of the internship, rules of the Company have to be adhered.

Renewal:  Evaluation  of the student’s  performance at the  end of the year might  enable the student to qualify for a renewal of the scholarship for an additional year.