Initially called Nutcracker this project was renamed Rudolph in 2016. This project entails hosting a Christmas related event for children. The event includes carrying out Christmas related activities like caroling and a motivational talk about the importance of education. Each child will also receive a Christmas gift having educational or motivational value. Gifts may include school supplies, reading material, items of encouragement or educational and learning toys such as puzzles, flash cards and science kits.

Why Rudolph?

Everyone deserves to be given an equal chance, period. To recall the story, Rudolph was mocked and rejected by his peers because of his glowing red nose but St. Nicholas recruited him to lead his sleigh because of this very anomaly that Rudolph possessed. This initiative strives to give hope to those children who are forgotten and outcast.

Goals and Objectives: 

  • To facilitate an environment of cheerfulness which in turn would create a ‘safe zone’ for them to open up about their future dreams.
  • To encourage and motivate students through activities and conversation (in the form of an informal seminar) to actively pursue their aims.
  • To shatter glass ceilings about the general notion and expectations entailing education.