Every year, life gets tougher and living gets harder. More and more commitments and bills to pay and less time to spend with each other and even less time to think about what makes the world go around or about those outside our immediate circles of life. 

The season of Christmas is a time of reflection for most of us, especially since the year comes to a close and we are preparing in haste to start our next journey around the Sun. For some reason unknown, Christmas and charity seem to go hand in hand, and during this season we tend to stretch out a hand towards the underprivileged. Whether this is due to something in the air or if it actually stirs a chord in our hearts, giving will always trump receiving for the simple reason that it is tougher to give in these times of economic hardship. 

The Christmas Fundraiser 2016 is the first of its kind for Go DREAM Initiative and we had no idea what to expect or what our goal should be set at. Raising anything close to Rs 100,000 seemed nothing but a dream! We thank all of you who have supported us in this endeavour and hope you will continue to walk with us as we move forward making our vision a reality.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas season and a Joyous New Year from all of us at Go DREAM!

Food for thought:

Always know, no matter what life throws at you or how hard the daily struggle seems, there are others having a much worse day than you are. Take solace in the fact that all of us are battling life everyday and that you are not alone and will never be and that together we are stronger, always. 

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